Time Frame: Imminently or just passing

Focus: Planetary issues or world-shaking events. Gatherings, travel or physical concerns. New opportunities but also restrictions, walls or obstacles. You can conquer the world if you're willing to try.

Romance: Can't win for losing sometimes no matter what you do. The world will have to take a turn before a new beginning is possible.

Career & finances: May be unemployed or experiencing temporary blocks, but you're going to realize a new method of operation that could make your work a lot easier. Money acquired from more than one source is probable. This could also indicate a tax refund or interest gained on an account.

Health: Slowing down or recuperating. May call a doctor or visit an ailing friend.

Family & friends: Inlaws could be a burden you won't want to contend with, or there could be a separation in the family. Watch out for those who, if given an inch, take a mile.