Time Frame: Imminently or just passing

Focus: Feeling tested. Old feelings, behaviors or problems getting stirred up again. Seeking spiritual assistance in finding solutions. Facing your fears and transforming negative situations into positive ones.

Romance: You are going to have an unexpected call or encounter with an admirer, someone you were attracted to or involved with in the past who's returned as if to have a last go-around or to close that chapter in your life for good. 

Career & finances: Your desire for change will be so intense, that it comes bringing the very thing you want. Follow up on money leads and a positive chain reaction will ensue. One thing will lead to another and a moderate degree of success will be attained.

Health: A previous health condition could resurface and medical attention may be required.

Family & friends: Your relatives will be very understanding and there for you with the right word or gesture. But someone from your past may reappear only to disappear again.