Time Frame: Imminently or just passing

Focus: People, society, or keeping up appearances. Wanting life to be better than it is. Events not turning out quite the way you imagined, but making advancements just the same.

Romance: You might not be able to be with the one you love or yearn for, but others will vie to take his or her place... partnerships may have to be put on ice for the time being and/or the future will look uncertain.

Career & finances: A huge favor will be given that will save you a lot of money and/or a promotional opportunity will come your way that will put you or your work more in the public eye (this could come through a celebrated or media event). 

Health: Feeling a a bit lackluster or uninspired. Needing something spiritually or materially to make you feel good about yourself or boost your enthusiasm. 

Family & friends: You might be wondering if a relative is really listening to you. Mixing business with pleasure might not be a good idea.