Time Frame: Imminently or just passing

Focus: Challenging situations pertaining to business, family, finances or the past could possibly arise. Have faith and it will all work out. The seeds you sow today will be the garden of your tomorrow.

Romance: Hanging on to a past relationship is keeping you from moving on. Let go and get on with your life, a brighter future awaits you.

Career & finances: Summoning up the energy and facing the challenge. May be involved with philanthropic work or self-help material. Results may be slow but you'll get a lot accomplished. Money that was promised will arrive and arguments or appeals will be won.

Health: You may be troubled by the past or something connected with the past, but you'll have the strength and spiritual fortitude to overcome any problem or handicap. 

Family & friends: Possible squabble over an imagined slight or resentment stemming from the past. An old friend will return or call... a positive development.