Time Frame: Imminently or just passing

Focus: Wishing upon a star.... looking toward the future with hope and longing. Feeling compelled to do or have something and believing deep within your soul that your quest won't be in vain.

Romance: Feeling emotionally or karmically tied to someone or, if single, praying your soul mate will appear. If the latter is true, something is going to happen to encourage your wish.

Career & finances: Wanting a change and then finding a new talent or way of doing something that ensures future success. You will make money in the long run if you keep following your star.

Health: You're going to gain insight into a problem and correct it. Also, someone or something new is going to inspire you and give new hope or meaning to your life and affairs.

Family & friends: A relative might have trouble with reservations or legal papers. A friend could provide a haven from the cares of the world.