Time Frame: July 23 - August 22  (Leo)

Focus: New avenues and paths, family matters or get-togethers, metaphysical or spiritual pursuits, love affairs and personal fulfillment. A sudden surge in your business or career or an unexpected call from a lover will come as a much-welcomed surprise

Romance: If single, an admirer or sweetheart will appear and a passionate love affair is in store. Or an enigma will be solved and you'll finally know the truth about someone's feelings for you. 

Career & finances: You may have been off the path but you're going to bounce back even stronger. Don't worry, the check really is in the mail, and you made a wise financial decision.

Health: Very health conscious; possibly interested in new age-type treatments or remedies.  Emotionally, a stroke of good luck will cause your spirits to soar. 

Family & friends: A relative could call on you and a choice in affections may have to be made. A friend will bring a change in social activities or a new romance.