Time frame:  August 23 - September 22 (Virgo)

Focus: The past will be gone and the future will look uncertain, but you'll be trying to "keep the faith" in spite of it all. Analysis, technical training or electronic devices could take on more significance.

Romance: You will be alone or separated from the one you love, and  feeling an emptiness nothing seems to fill. Learning to find satisfaction in things you can do on your own will alleviate much of your sorrow.

Career & finances: Waiting for something to develop. Projects may be difficult to launch and health problems could impede progress. Payments will probably be late and/or a financial agreement might not be honored.

Health: Having trouble carrying out plans but managing to press on and push though it.

Family & friends: You might get sad or upsetting news. A loved one could suffer a loss. May be feeling alone even when you're not.