Time Frame: January 20 - February 19 (Aquarius)

Focus: An emphasis on hopes, wishes and aspirations. Needing to clarify objectives or goals. Beginning to see possibilities but having to persist if tangible results are to manifest.

Romance: Wanting a supportive relationship. Present one will be weighed to see if it measures up. Possible involvement with a gifted, unusual or striking person.

Career & finances:  New information concerning your work will brighten your perspective. You'll have success in financial affairs and in obtaining results in your field of endeavor. Money coming in or freeing up will make you feel more secure. Look for something in the mail.

Health: A spiritual cleansing would be good for you. Renewed spirits and good health are predicted. If contemplating a career in a healing profession, it should be very rewarding. 

Family & friends: A relative or friend may need consoling and you will aid or assist him or her. Ideas will come to light through your friends and your thoughts will be verified.