Time Frame:  October 23 - November 21 (Scorpio)

Focus: Work, home, romance or personal property will be emphasized. Wishes not yet materializing, but you'll have invisible, spiritual help and, in time, your prayers will be answered.

Romance: Social opportunities will increase and you may meet someone special close to home. You could be very willful about what you want and may propose a union yourself.

Career & finances: Wanting your work to have value or meaning. Sales may not go well, but you'll  make a favorable impression on others and attract gifts, favors, special consideration, or advantage. 

Health: You could be upset, depressed, or feeling strained. Weight loss is also indicated.

Family & friends: You may experience problems on the home front. Try to keep your attitude in check so you don't get sucked into an emotional fray. Friendships will flourish and a new friend could teach, guide, enlighten or inspire you.