Time Frame: April 20 - May 20 (Taurus)

Focus: Getting down to earth, dealing with practical or physical matters. Not wanting to be in the position you're in and confused about how to deal with it. Unseen elements beginning to surface. Someone (or something) could be instrumental in changing your life for the better.

Romance: You may want to walk away from or forget a painful relationship but won't be able to. Or you will want to end a relationship and will almost break up, but it won't end, it will continue in spite of everything. 

Career & finances: May be researching new avenues. Effort, gradual development and perseverance will be required. Financial affairs could be at a standstill.

Health: Problems with your teeth, gums or muscles may be plaguing you and/or you could become more sexually active. 

Family & friends: A relative could be planning a trip abroad. Friendships may take on new meaning... a second wind in your relationship?