Time Frame: Imminently or just passing

Focus: Wanting to follow through with a course of action but having to wait, learn, or assimilate something. A little bit of "stuff" to push through but conditions clearing up and smoothing out.

Romance: Putting love, or the one you love, out of your thoughts in order to avoid emotional entanglements or the pangs of desire. May be at a crossroad and wondering if you'll come together or split apart... only time will tell.

Career & finances: Business may be slow at first but it will pick up greatly later on, and making lots of money is predicted. A bonus or new career opportunity may also be forthcoming.

Health: Your discerning abilities will be quite astute. If ill, expect a speedy recovery.

Family & friends: Although in touch or communicating, you might be feeling alone or on your own. Someone may call for advice that would benefit through your guidance.