Time Frame: Imminently or just passing

Focus: New beginnings in business or love. Becoming more goal oriented or motivated. Having the wherewithal to attract what you want. Manifesting the results you desire. 

Romance: Expect a change in your love life. Though you don't think so now, a new romantic beginning or rekindled affair is at hand and a great love affair is imminent. But if you can't have the relationship the way you really want it, you won't be sure you want it at all.

Career & finances: Working on new projects or with new partners. Possibly landing a new job. Success in creative endeavors, ambitious enterprises and money matters, is assured.

Health: May be experiencing stress, or finding it difficult to ascertain the problem or find the right medication. Emotionally, you'll be very positive. Try not to be inconsistent.

Family & friends: A new course of action may ensue with a relative, or someone could make you feel slighted. Friends will offer sound advice.