Time Frame: March 21 - April 19 (Aries)

Focus: A very ambitious period. Self confidence and leadership ability will come naturally. New partnerships are indicated and people of influence that can help you, will.

Romance: Problems in the past may have caused you to shut down emotionally but not letting on to what's really going on inside will make the pressure build. Loosen up, love is everywhere... you just have to let it in. A new relationship or a positive change in an existing one is about to be established. A marriage proposal could also be indicated. 

Career & finances: Your greatest success will come through new ventures and in your ability to get you concepts across to others.  Business and finance will take first place and improve, ideas for self promotion will begin to formulate and orders or calls for work will increase.

Health: Tension headaches or problems with your lower back are likely. A new treatment, diet or exercise regime, may be implemented.

Family & friends:  There could be concern over a health problem or the sale of a home or property. A friend from the past is going to call -someone you recently thought of- and you will make a new friend who could  become a very significant part of your life.