Time frame:  September 23 - October 22  (Libra)

Focus: Struggling to succeed, attain goals or accomplish tasks. Challenging situations that will demand determination, behavior modification and discernment. If embroiled in a law suit or legal matter, all will end well.

Romance: Feeling like you've been living in a dream world. Realizing that dwelling on the past only causes pain. Needing to regroup and consider alternatives.

Career & finances: You'll be apprehensive about your work or the future and even if you're making money, the atmosphere will be tense.

Health: You or someone close to you may need to consult a doctor or specialist. Could be suffering from a low-grade infection or virus. Herbal treatments or anti-inflammatory medication might help.

Family & friends: Friction is indicated. Don't expect much support. May have (or make) friends in the police department, legal field or government.