Focus: At a Crossroads concerning living quarters, business or partnerships. A life changing decision may soon be made. Stress and difficulty ending in success.

Romance: Your heartfelt desires are going to be met through the entry of a kindred spirit with whom you will establish a deep rapport and mutual feeling of affinity, passion or trust. Or you will come into love or money through the affections of a generous admirer.

Career & finances: You may have to deal with very unpleasant people or circumstances in your work, and will feel that you are wasting your time and effort, but eventually the energy will blow off and tensions will vanish. Follow your intuition and good will prevail. Money could come through a new source or different undertaking.

Health: Possible lack of energy, minor accidents. Need to pay more attention to what you're doing. Put off that trip to the dentist, you probably won't like the results.

Family & friends: You could find yourself in an uncomfortable or embarrassing situation, or feel self-conscious around your family and friends, and someone you know may have a problem with drugs or alcohol.