Focus: New or renewed activity. Positive changes in income, livelihood or status. Decisions to be made concerning  investments, partnerships, love life or living quarters.

Romance: Though you won't see it coming, you will soon be swept up in a powerful love affair that could change your life dramatically. If married or already involved, you'll have the support you crave and your concerns will vanish.

Career & finances: You're going to be very successful in your career, favorably aided by others, compensated for your work or efforts and increasing your assets or finances. You may also meet someone who will manage your career, subsidize you, or move you into a more prominent position. A very prosperous period is at hand.

Health: Your emotional state will greatly improve through the intervention of a friend or lover. But you may hear news of a serious illness or death befalling another.

Family & friends: Emotional discussions or talks of travel are probable. A new friend will change the course of your experience or eliminate a problem of concern.