Focus: Travel, advertising, real estate or land could come into focus. Listen to your heart in the pursuit of life, love and happiness. Follow gut feelings and hunches. In time, your wishes will be realized.

Romance: Love, love, love. That's all your mind is on. Your feelings are right and so is your intuition. Fortune will favor you in matters of the heart and, if not already committed, a significant, nurturing relationship and possible marriage is in store.

Career & finances: Business may have been slow in the past, but things are going to take an upward swing and improve greatly. Don't worry about finances, in the long run, you'll come out ahead. A positive response or "go-ahead" on a new idea can also be expected.

Health: You'll be surprised at what a little honesty or a vacation can do for the soul. An open, honest communication could turn an ordinary event into an extraordinary experience.

Friends & family: You might not see eye to eye with a relative, or be able to share your feelings with a family member. If you and a friend were having problems, you will resolve them and be closer than ever.