Focus: Advancement. Socializing. Branching out into new worlds. Long-term conditions suddenly changing. Follow your hunches and don't allow anything to veer you off track. A fresh start and  new level of experience can be expected.

Romance: You'll be surprised by a sudden flirtation, seduction, or romantic interlude. A marriage, union or living arrangement may be proposed. A different environment will make you feel less lonely or ease any existing tensions.

Career & finances: Being in a nurturing, supportive, working environment. Important news arriving affecting your future. Fun new project may be in the works. Positive changes in your finances, lucky breaks and swift, affirmative replies can be expected.

Health: Problems will be cured or controlled. Don't let doctors or health professionals intimidate you. You will soon have an overwhelming feeling of good or that something good is about to happen

Family & friends: A relative could be on the move or spending time away from home. An invitation from a friend or loved one will be coming your way.