Time Frame:  June 21- July 22  (Cancer)

Focus: Seeking financial independence. Contemplating a business of your own or one that can be run from home. Daydreaming about love or wishing you had someone special in your life. 

Romance: Life will offer several opportunities for romance, but those who try to exercise a claim will have to compete with stiff competition... your work or your "ideal" lover.

Career & finances: Business will take an upward swing. New projects will be in the making, and an occupational change or company relocation may be considered. Misunderstandings could arise if financial matters aren't clearly defined or dealt with up front.

Health: Feeling a bit cranky. Mood swings are also likely. May indulge in eating or drinking too much. Stop worrying or whining. Happiness can be found in your own backyard.

Family & friends: Relatives may come to stay with you or vice versa. Someone who cares a great deal for you will show you or tell you so.