Time Frame: Imminently or just passing

Focus: Trying to understand the circumstances in your life. Legal matters, financial concerns or "cause and effect", will be weighing heavily upon you. Justice or fairness seems to be at issue. The only recourse is to wait for time to take its course.

Romance: Reviewing the quality of your relationship(s). Quantity rather than quality may be the case. If married or involved with someone, a tense situation will become more flexible.

Career & finances: Someone may put you down or make you feel that your job or financial security is in jeopardy, but with time and reorganization, justice will prevail. You will succeed in recognizing what's wrong and come to the right conclusions or decisions. 

Health: May need dental work or a second opinion. Also, there could be a lack of fulfillment on a personal or emotional level of expression because an essential ingredient is missing. 

Family & friends: A family member may be having problems with his or her mate. If you are having problems you will be the one who has to resolve them.