Time Frame: Imminently or just passing

Focus: Searching for happiness or spiritual direction. Letting go off wants and needs. Finding fulfillment in ways you had not envisioned.

Romance: Someone may want more from you than you are prepared to give. Might be having mixed emotions. If the relationship serves your growth, you will stay together. If not, you will move on.

Career & finances: Terminating unproductive areas. May take a leave of absence or quit to work on a much larger scale, possibly involving the public in some way. A financial decision will soon be made and expected money will finally arrive.

Health: May visit someone in the hospital. If a health decision or illness is concerning you, you will probably wait it out rather than go through something that may be unnecessary.

Family & friends: You will have to make a decision soon. Someone you know may be job hunting. If thinking about moving or a long distance trip, you may decide not to go right now.