Time Frame: Imminently or just passing

Focus: Wanting things to change radically. Feeling you can't go on with the status quo. Having to let go of something (or someone) cherished. Negative situations coming to an end. Rising up again at a later date or in a different form and beginning anew.

Romance: Feeling short-changed in a romantic involvement. Wanting so much more than you received. A relationship finally ends, but your love for that person may not.

Career & finances: Hopes, income or promises may be severed. Possible job loss or cancellation of funding predicted. Try to hang on. It may take time, but you will have luck in a new business enterprise, and income thought lost will be retrieved, revived or reinstated.

Health: Discussions about health, death, or dying. Positive thinking is the best medicine.

Family & friends: A Happy gathering with loved ones is in store. If you and a friend can't get together now, you'll have another chance later.