Time Frame: Imminently or just passing

Focus: Trying to decide what action to take or if you should take any.  Something occurs that changes your way of thinking or perspective. Things working out better than anticipated and a dilemma, resolved. 

Romance: Your thoughts may be on someone who is away; you will want to be with him or her and when you talk, the two of you will make plans to get together. Passions will be strong or grow fast. Don't be afraid of being vulnerable or sharing your feelings.

Career & finances: Wondering if you should follow through with your plans but will be driven to do so.  You will have to confront someone over a money issue, but your arguments will be successful.

Health: Take it easy. Don't push yourself so hard or you'll end up sick or exhausted. 

Family & friends: Time restraints could make you feel pressured. If you and a friend had an argument or disagreement, it won't last.