Time: Autumn

Focus: The focus is on potential, that which could be or is about to be, increased business or social activities, and new avenues of fulfillment or promise the come in from out of the blue. 

Romance: You won't want to experience life alone or have a part-time relationship. You will want a full-time partner and though you will be receptive to those who advance, the time won't be ripe to reap the full harvest. In time, you can expect a happy union or marriage.

Career & finances: Ideas concerning a new business or enterprise will begin to formulate and you will have several options to consider; all of which look promising. Success coming through new concepts, innovative ideas or artistic or creative work is also  likely.

Health: You might begin a new treatment or cleansing program. Or you could find a new Doctor. Being productive will bring satisfaction and pleasure.

Family & Friends: A relative may call to talk about his or her love life. If you planned an outing with family or friends, you might have to cut it short or go alone.