Time: Winter

Focus: Intense vibration. News, correspondence and loved ones accentuated. Career satisfaction or personal gratification desired and achieved.

Romance: Strong emotions surfacing. A new romance may take you by storm. Unexpected message or declaration of love coming from an admirer. If married, there could be trouble in paradise.

Career & finances: Your skills will be acknowledged and someone will express an interest in your work (or you!) but your income may not be as much as you hoped for. 

Health: You'll experience frustration and tense conditions, but you will be determined not to let it fluster you so it won't last long. You're going to say good-bye to pressure, tension, and anxiety and hello to satisfaction, emotional fulfillment, and increased popularity.

Family & friends: Problematical home life. Everyone seems to be under pressure. Will probably feel like escaping. A friend could help you with a very important project.