Time: Spring

Focus: Situations involving investments of time or money; potential partners or partnerships. New things replacing old. Pleasure, satisfaction and prosperity. 

Romance: Wanting a significant relationship or a more responsive partner. Dissatisfaction may cause you to look elsewhere. A romance you thought was over, may blossom again.

Career & finances: Activity may have been slow in the past but your business interests will soon begin to thrive. Success coming through pleasurable pursuits and profitable investments of time, money or energy.  Money coming from something that was held up or that you should have gotten in the past.

Health: Good news will soon arrive. A new type of treatment may be considered. If you've been ailing, you'll soon be on the road to recovery, and in a happy, fun-loving frame of mind.

Family & friends: Better times, better health, and improved conditions can be expected. A gift may be purchased or a charitable deed bestowed.