Time: Summer

Focus: Fresh starts. New beginning in love, creativity or business affairs. Happiness and pleasure. A heartfelt wish may soon be realized.

Romance: A call, visit or union with an admirer, will bring a refreshing change and a fresh start. A happy relationship, marriage or marriage proposal, is also indicated.

Career & finances: Your best success will come through your creative, inspired or innovative ideas. Financially, you'll forge ahead in spite of  worries and something will supplement your income or defrays part of your expenses. This could also indicate a pleasant financial surprise or making a decision to buy something you couldn't afford before.

Health: Excellent in every way - mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually - and someone or something is going to lift your spirits... both personally and professionally.

Family & Friends: Planning a family visit or starting a family of your own. A new found friend will be stimulating, kind, and generous with his or her time or money.