Focus: Character, stamina and discipline. Doing your best according to the circumstances you find yourself in. Gathering strength, biding time or awaiting the right moment to act. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Good news is on its way.

Romance: There will be two loves vying for your affection and you will be trying to sort out the dilemma or find the answer that will quell the conflict, but the solution you come to will either break your heart or be impossible to carry out. In time, you could be in the arms of someone who is quite different from the others you've know. 

Career & finances: Financial transactions and social activities will bring success and rewards. You'll have enough money to get by and you'll soon have the opportunity to make even more. Do that thing you've been wanting to try; it may turn out to be very lucrative.

Health: You could come down with a cold or flu. Try not to get so run down. If you want to avoid a misdiagnosis, get a second opinion. 

Family & friends: A relative could be looking for a way out of a financial problem. If you've been waiting to hear from someone, you'll probably end up calling yourself.