Focus: Worrying about the future or someone close to you. Progress stymied or aborted at the moment of conception. Feeling morose or deprived. Try not to let your fears get the best of you. What looks like failure or loss could prove to be an opportunity for growth and greater reward. 

Romance: Marriage could suffer due to work or an affair, or will be separated from the one you love, but a lot of what you fear is not true and will not be the case at all, and in a very short time you will be reunited. 

Career & finances: Fresh ideas or avenues will come to the fore. Good fortune will come later on. A new source of income could come through things involving papers, letters, books or mail, and money will be acquired through a new project, business deal or settlement.

Health: Stomach problems, nausea or troubles with your prostate gland are likely. Try not to be depressed. You will have a new reality soon.

Family & friends: Someone may take your side against another, or you could be parted from a friend or loved one.