Focus: Changing or revitalizing existing conditions. Promoting yourself and making advancements. Business (and accumulating money) will make you the happiest, and in that arena you'll truly shine.

Romance: Love could be found through work or service type environments. If separated from a loved one, it will only be temporary. If you've been holding out for something you really want, you'll find that you've made the right decision.

Career & finances: All indications are a GO! Apply for that job or form the new partnership! Luck will definitely with you on the work front and you'll be praised for your work or efforts. Better financial conditions and successful agreements are guaranteed.

Health: Beware of intoxicants that can make you act impulsively. If someone you know has been ill, they will soon be on the road to recovery. 

Family & friends: "Ask and ye shall receive." Your family and friends will be helpful and supportive.