Focus: Emotional time regarding material well-being, security or health. Wanting something but fulfillment is delayed. A wish finally materializes but may take another form than that which was envisioned.

Romance: Weighing the pros and cons of a relationship. May be afraid of taking risks. Want the same things as before but with a different partner or in different way. It can't be the same... it must be better.

Career & finances: Starts off bright, then turns dark, then bright again. Don't worry, after a slight reversal, you'll see material gain(s) and a good outcome can be expected.

Health: You'll enjoy the "things" that life has to offer - food, clothes, furnishings, or luxuries - and will be appeased or gratified by sensual or emotional pleasures. Stop worrying or you'll become an emotional wreck! Take an Excedrin PM and get a good nights sleep!

Family & friends: You may be discussing the care or treatment of a loved one. A friend will call with exciting news about your work, finances or a proposed endeavor; or  you will call him or her.