Focus: Expansion, movement, travel and enterprise. Romance, meetings or long-distance communications emphasized. Conditions are going to change for the better due to some good fortune or turn of fate, or luck will be luck will be with you in finding the best product to suit your needs. Taking the initiative and being accountable will be your keys to success.

Romance: An introduction, invitation or proposition may surprise you. This is a positive time for romance and if a significant love affair doesn't begin (a very warm and enchanting one) you'll at least be charmed by an admirer or two!

Career & finances: Lots of activity or correspondence connected with work. Frustration or delays blowing over. Profitable ventures and money coming from a business that's beginning to yield a profit, can be expected.

Health: Positive in every way; especially your frame of mind.

Family & friends: Good news coming from a relative, possibly concerning a legal matter. May spend time in the home of family member. An unpleasant occurrence could arise with a friend over something that was misrepresented or misunderstood.