Focus: Withdrawal, "endarkenment" or deadlock. Others seem to have the upper hand. Try to remember that every experience has a positive end in view and no matter how great the problems may seem, they can still be overcome. New freedom will be found through the resolving of restrictive conditions, or getting out of an oppressive commitment.

Romance: Feeling boxed in but you are actually being spiritually protected so you won't be diverted from your higher purposes. Regeneration through a different environment or person is predicted.

Career & finances: Wanting to get out of an oppressive situation or change your line of work. May be worried that financial resources are dwindling, but a new venture, purchase order or business opportunity will come right to your door.

Health: Be very cautious; accidents abound. Driving could be hazardous. Use care around sharp objects or electrical gadgets.

Family & friends: Some family members will be immensely enjoyable but others, a burden.  Choose your friends wisely and learn to be more discriminating.