Focus: Advancement, romance and opportunities to better yourself, spread your wings or diversify your skills, becoming available. Recognition, backing on a project, and small successes are predicted.

Romance: An unexpected romantic opportunity will come as a pleasant surprise. Someone is about to light up your life and if there's no one special in it now, you'll be be attracting romance like bees to honey! Involvement with an actor, craftsman or artisan is also likely.

Career & finances: Praise, compensation for your efforts, new orders or an offer of financial assistance will lift your spirits and improve your outlook. Incremental material gains can be expected.

Health: May be experiencing weight loss or a lack of appetite. Be cautious outdoors. Too much sun or heat could have an ill effect. 

Family & friends: Scheduling family outings or making travel arrangements could present problems. Not a big deal however. Social life will definitely be improving and business and pleasure will mix nicely.