Focus: Have gone as far as possible with something or someone. Time to move on. Put your trust in your Higher Power and a new direction will appear.

Romance: No fireworks, but definitely friends. Still missing that significant other in your personal life. If married, pent up feelings could cause the relationship to sour and you may make a decision to end it.

Career & finances: Business will expand or your skills will be sought after or in demand, but the price might be a personal loss. Praying for money but all that seems to come in are more bills. Don't worry, a fortunate adjustment will be made and troubles will be overcome. 

Health: Feeling dismayed at the turn of events that seem to sabotage your best intentions, but in the final analysis, things will turn around and peace will be restored. Problems with your eyes; blurred vision, or an infection are possible.

Family & friends: You will do a favor for someone who's traveling, or you may make tentative plans to get together. Good news about someone's love life or livelihood is coming your way.