Focus: Juggling work, appointments and personal responsibilities. Timing, travel or love affairs accentuated. Luck being with you in regaining something thought lost or forgotten, or in concluding business matters successfully. Being on a roll that nothing can thwart.

Romance: Thinking about love and what it would be like to live with someone or get married. Wanting a marriage, union or serious commitment but having a tug of war between your heart and your head; if the heart wins, a sacrifice will have to be made. If you haven't fallen in love yet, someone's going to come along and sweep you off your feet!

Career & finances: Your mind might not be on your work but you'll get the job done and handle your affairs skillfully. Financial obstacles will be surmounted and a check, subsidy, commission, or settlement is in the offing.

Health: Don't take on more than you can handle or it could effect your health adversely. In addition, be careful of eating questionable foods. 

Family & friends: Good news coming about a relative's home or finances (or you will call them). A trip with a sweetheart or vacation with loved one may also be planned.