Focus: A pause in progress. Reevaluating present situation. Determination and constructive energy ultimately leading to success. Being patient and awaiting the help or direction that's forthcoming, will be your key to success.

Romance: May be disappointed in love or resigning yourself to the prospect of  living alone. A marriage or union will be discussed or proposed but you could be wondering if it's what you really want... you might need to go it alone for awhile.

Career & finances: Dissatisfaction with your progress. Not seeing the results you hoped to see and finding it difficult to get yourself established. Wishing you were more successful or financially solvent, but very few options seem to be available. Hang in there, good news will arrive that will shed new light on your financial security.

Health: Taking on anything taxing is probably not a good idea right now as you'll be in no mood to deal with it. 

Family & friends: Probably spending too much time at home, or feeling alone when you don't have to. Go out with your friends it could change things for the better.