Focus:  Searching for truth. Gut-wrenching, traumatic or life altering experience(s). Trying to quell a negative response or influence.  Easier times ahead, be thankful and try to stay positive.

Romance: Vacillating in matters of the heart. Could be looking for the right approach (or mate). Or, there may be too many other things on your mind. If you don't unite or marry at this time, a new element will make the future look more promising.

Career & finances: Work, work, work... even if it's unrewarding. May not be feeling capable of mastering the steps it takes to succeed. An uplifting message from your boss or corporate head will surprise you. Small gains in finances. Take heed in financial matters.

Health: Anxiety attacks, possible leg problems. May be feeling introspective, inadequate or unfocused. Doctor may suggest more tests or treatment. Rest is very important.

Family & friends: Responsibilities could be overwhelming. You may need to talk to someone about your feelings. An uplifting friend may suggest a new business idea; a positive development.