Focus: Frustrating occurrences. Restrictions placed on you by time or circumstance. Things falling apart or just not going the way you want them to. Short termed however. Don't worry, you'll get through it.

Romance: An amorous or impetuous suitor (one who is perhaps younger than you) is going to try to win your heart... he or she just might! Positive developments and/or changes in your existing relationship are predicted.

Career & finances: Mental work will be very successful. A lot can be accomplished. You might find yourself moving from behind the scenes to center stage or you could go to a seminar or workshop. May be experiencing tension related to finances, but difficulties will be overcome and a payment or settlement is in the offing.

Health: May be feeling frustrated, edgy or irritable; a good indication that you probably need a rest or a vacation. Possibility of nursing a loved one back to good health. 

Family & friends: A relative may be troubled by a financial matter that could end up costing you. Professional friends are indicated and they will be very supportive.