Focus: Evaluations or opinions. Problems with relationships, superiors or competitors are probable. May be rethinking your current position or strategy. Corrective action will need to be taken.

Romance: More of the same; delays and disappointment. Tired of waiting for someone to get their act together. Might just decide to look for somebody else.

Career & finances: You could be in for an upsetting confrontation at work. Try to let it roll off your back. It will get straightened out. You'll soon be grateful for the arrival or realization of a new platform for future endeavors and although you're only making only a pittance now, in times to come, you'll reap many rewards.

Health: Problems with medical or insurance papers could arise. Headaches or stomach upsets are also likely. Restructuring your thinking will lead to a sense of satisfaction, self-worth, or well-being.

Family & friends: Tensions will ease up but the problem(s) may remain. Could possibly get a call from someone you'd rather not hear from.