Focus: Token starts and promising enterprises or career opportunities. Health, financial solvency or problem solving, could be emphasized. Being willing to defer instant gratification may be necessary.

Romance: Hoping for a call from a loved one or wishing he or she would come by. May be feeling a sense of separateness or distance. A surprise could be heading your way.

Career & finances: You'll be pleased with the work you are doing and the chance to expand in your field of endeavor, but you still won't be quite where you want to be. Money, or trouble collecting what is owed to you, could be a problem.

Health: Sometimes the best way to solve problems is to stop thinking about them. Watch out for accidents around the home front and be careful of what you eat.

Family & friends: A relative who's been unhappy with the state of his or her affairs may quit a job, move or travel. You may be feeling an undercurrent of tension or discomfort with your friends or business partners because something will be unsettled in your mind that will need to be discussed and resolved.