Focus: Environmental changes. Short trips or jaunts. Friends, lovers and relatives. Phasing something out in favor of another. Unexpected validation. Things working out better than anticipated. A prayer is answered.

Romance: Remembering an old love with wistfulness or fondness. Letting go of the past. Opening your heart to new possibilities.

Career & finances: A beneficial career boost. Recognition is on it's way. Success in publishing, writing or the media is indicated. Doing very well financially and making more money than anticipated.

Health: Slight problems. Your body could be out of alignment. Feeling nostalgic as you look back on the past and they way things were. Don't worry though, you'll push through it and meet your responsibilities. 

Family & friends: Good news from or about a loved one. Lots of comings, goings and gatherings which may include a love interest from your past. An unexpected offer of love and support is also predicted.