Focus: Enterprise, business and romance. Inner conflicts arising from unexpressed desires. Analyzing win/lose factors in exercising your personal integrity. Meeting challenges and coming out on top. Change and reformation.

Romance: Your mind could be so preoccupied you won't even notice the potential for romance. Or, a love you cast aside could return and you will be spending some very passionate moments together! 

Career & finances:  Luck in business and finance is assured but change takes courage. A revision of attitude will help you get the job done. You'll have enough money to pay your bills or  meet your needs and, if involved in a litigation, fight or debate over finances, you will come out victorious. In addition, the completion of a project will bring unexpected gains. 

Health: A definite Improvement can be expected. If you're disheartened by obstacles, when you least expect it, everything will turn around and change for the better.

Family & friends: Your loved ones will support you or help you see things differently. An uplifting message from a friend or business associate will also arrive.