Focus: Frustration, struggle and conflicts. Nothing will seem to go right. May finally get what you want but it probably won't be the way you wanted it. Learn to count your blessings and your luck will change.

Romance: Dreams and promises are not panning out. Longing for love but not willing to sell your soul to get it. Feeling you'd rather be alone than in a relationship just for the sake of having someone around.

Career & finances: Problems at work. A clash of wills or argument is probable. Although self-sufficient and financially solvent, you'll tend to worry about money and securing your financial future.

Health: A previous illness or physical problem could rear its ugly head again and more treatment will probably be necessary. Emotionally, people who make promises and then don't deliver will cause unhappiness or disappointment.

Family & friends: A relative may do a big favor for you but friendships could require constant effort on your part.