Focus: A dark and troublesome period. Unfortunate experiences in business, love or material circumstances, may cause a loss of faith in yourself or abilities. Life can be a hard teacher at times. Hang in there, problems can be overcome and you will learn a valuable lesson.

Romance: Longing to be with the one your heart yearns for.  Feeling sad that your love for someone is unrequited or you can't be together. A relationship could fail due to a lack of communication, misunderstanding or sexual problem. If you hoped that you and another would unite or reunite, expect a letdown as you probably won't.

Career & finances: Job dissension, difficult dealings with others or heated debates are likely. Nevertheless, you can expect financial success regardless of obstacles or problems.

Health: Be careful of accidents, falling, or injuries. Another doctor or car repair bill will be the last thing you need right now. Imagine yourself in a bubble of spiritual white light and you will be insulated from harm.

Family & friends: Someone you love or care for will also be having problems, but you'll be too drained to help, or you won't be able to reach or console them.