Focus: Delays, setbacks or let downs. Longing for something fun or fulfilling to happen, but depressed by obstacles and in no mood for further demands. Having to wait until a clear direction is revealed or what you really want arrives.

Romance: Wanting a real relationship and nothing less. No facsimiles or 8x10 glossies. Knowing in your heart that accepting a relationship that's contrary to your nature or being with someone just to satisfy the urgings of the moment would be an empty victory.  If married or involved, it may be a union without love but you will feel obligated to stay. 

Career & finances: Feeling burned out and not wanting to put any more effort into anything. But, if you want to get ahead or make more money, you'll have to be more assertive.

Health: Feeling tired, run down or emotionally drained. You could also be constipated or suffer from hemorrhoids. As hard as it may seem, taking more responsibility for your happiness could bring about a new beginning.

Family & friends: You and a relative or friend will soon part and you will be very sad and/or you will end cycle on an outgrown friendship.