Focus: Increased activity in business and social affairs. Emphasis on printed material, money and self promotion. Possibility of an involvement with someone in the law or  media. Will definitely be moving in the right direction, but may need a respite before going any further.

Romance: Obstacles could make you feel cut off or out of touch. Your partner may not being holding up his or her end or giving as much as you are. Being determined to overcome negative conditions can make a positive difference.

Career & finances: Tension could make your work environment unpleasant. Starting your own business? Money may be slow in coming and there's a possibility of a financial dispute.  Don't worry. In time your worries will be over and your prayers will be answered.

Health: Your health will be in need of repair and medical attention or treatment may be necessary. No matter what you have suffered in the past (be it mental, physical or emotional), you'll soon be on purpose again, and your hope and determination will be renewed.

Family & friends: Trying to make amends with someone but will be at the end of your rope. A friend's comment may displease you.