Focus: Making every effort or penny count. Thoughts turning toward work or practicalities rather than romance. Paying a price for success. Forging ahead even if you don't feel like it. Finding a new approach that brings financial reward.

Romance: Obstacles such as logistics, business priorities or geography could get in the way, but if both of you are in accord and want to be together, the difficulties can be overcome. You may be feeling detached or noncommitted until you see which way the ball will bounce.

Career & finances: Work may involve bartering, trading, finance or analysis. Professional advancements and successful transactions are predicted. You'll have enough money to cover your bills and take care of your needs, and any outstanding debts will be paid. A bill of sale could also be signed and important papers transferred

Health:  Having a hard time getting help (or support) with a health problem. A trip to the doctor could be a costly or painful ordeal.

Family & friends: You and a loved one could be discussing the pros and cons of a financial move. A confession or disclosure, may surprise you.