Focus: Material and physical aspects of life will be emphasized. You may be wanting emotionally. Learn to take your mind off your problems and concentrate on that which is more productive; an avenue of fulfillment will be available.

Romance: Obsessing over someone (or something) and hoping there's still a chance that things can work out, but there will be no union or an unresolved togetherness at this point.

Career & finances: Contracts, accounting, ledgers or literature will need to be straightened out or resolved and you may need the help of another. A new job, assignment, or call for work is in the offing.  Financial concerns will be dealt with effectively and you'll be very resourceful when it comes to acquiring money.

Health: An important project could end because of health reasons. You may be feeling deprived, dissatisfied or disillusioned with life. Conditions will improve however and so will your outlook.

Family & friends: Some family members will be supportive but others will not. A friend could help you get something you want.