Focus: Faith testing or evoking situations. Overcoming your doubts and believing your ideas can be realized. Establishing new partnerships. Reaching successful conclusions. 

Romance: A difficult decision (like "Should I or shouldn't I") will have to be made regarding a new relationship, but this is an excellent time for unions and in spite of your fears, you will unite, form a new partnership, or marry.  If hoping a lover will call or come by, you'll get your wish.

Career & finances: Business and finance will  improve through increased trade or commerce and friends will prove to be a great help or asset. Also, the conclusion of a business deal will bring an unexpected bonus.  Luck will be with you in turning a dream into a reality,

Health: Needing to slow down a bit. You may be concerned about someone else, but you're the one that needs to take it easy.

Family & friends: Someone could be concerned about a settlement or contract. Visitors could mean more work for you. Appointments may be put off so you can spend more time with your family or friends.